Lyric Lounge

Since its inception in 2009, Lyric Lounge has been a flagship project for Writing East Midlands.

It attracts audiences of all ages to enjoy a cleverly-curated mix of international, national and local performance poetry, spoken word, live literature and music, and to join in with open-mics and a range of participatory workshops led by professional writers and artists.

For writers in the East Midlands, Lyric Lounge provides a supportive, dynamic space to test, develop and perform new work whilst working alongside some of the most celebrated names on the international literature circuit. The Lyric Lounge has acted as a catalyst for the home-grown spoken word scene in the region, offering early career performance slots and development opportunities to artists who have since gone on to become established names both regionally and nationally, and contributed considerably to the regional performance poetry culture in their own right.

If you are a creative practitioner, venue, festival organiser or community that would like to see a Lyric Lounge happen in your community, Writing East Midlands can support you to do just that.

The Lyric Lounge brand has become synonymous with large scale, artistically excellent events attracting internationally renowned performers to the region, offering meaningful creative writing participation and opportunities over a number of weeks to people from all walks of life, in a way that compliments and does not compete with spoken word activity already happening in the region. If you have the capacity, energy and vision to achieve this in your community, Writing East Midlands may be able to support you with artistic visioning, creative programming, contracting, audience development and event management. Give us a call!

Contact us by phone on 0115 959 7929 or email

We would like to say a huge and heartfelt thank you to all the funders, artists, audiences and venues that have supported the Lyric Lounge to grow and develop since 2009.