3-Houses-Dreamed-collageWrite Here! ‘Three Houses Dreamed’ poetry workshops.

‘Three Houses Dreamed’ was a Write Here residency facilitated by expresseum poetics and funded by Writing East Midlands and Museum Development East Midlands. It took the form of mini-residencies and a series of poetry workshops.

GoodwinDuring this series, poet Mark Goodwin accompanied writers as they briefly resided in three resonant heritage houses in the East Midlands inclduding: Calke Abbey, Wigston Framework Knitters Museum and Newarke Houses Museum. The poems from the workshop will be shared via a expresseum’s e-pamphlets.

Calke Abbey

CalkeTwenty-five years ago Calke Abbey was transformed by being opened to the public. The National Trust at Calke Abbey says: ‘You might have aged but Calke hasn’t!’ To celebrate this, a special day-long workshop offered the chance to reveal this hidden house from inside and out. ‘Wanderers’, guided by poet Mark Goodwin, had were given the opportunity to experience the fascinating held-in-decay interior spaces of Calke Abbey, described by the National Trust as an un-stately home. The poems from this workshop will be shared via an e-pamphlet.


Wigston Framework Knitters Museum

WigstonThis afternoon workshops encouraged writers of all abilities to join in a session of speaking and writing creatively, with poet Mark Goodwin.  Participants were allowed to briefly dwell in this large 17th century cottage with its steep and crooked steps and enchanting and historically vibrant spaces, focusing specifically on The Master Framework Knitter’s House.)



Newarke Houses Museum.

Newarke-webParticants to this workshops were encoruaged to delve into an outside that is inside, as well as spend  time in the company of various parts of the house and experience an exclusive behind-the-scenes visit to the attic and its store of well time-travelled objects.

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