Writing School Anthology

We’ve teamed up with Pewter Rose Press to produce the second Writing School Anthology.

All students enrolled on one of our courses between January and December 2015 will have the chance to submit a piece of writing developed during, or inspired from, a course at the Writing School. The submissions will go through a selection and editorial process, giving you valuable insight in to the practice of submitting your work to a publisher, and the excitement of seeing your work published in print. Each chosen piece will be published both in the printed anthology and in ebook format, and each selected writer will also be given the chance to read your work at the book launch should you so wish.

Copies of the previous Writing School Anthology, ‘Futures’ is available for purchase in print and ebook format here.

For further information please email aimee@www.writingeastmidlands.co.uk

To submit your work for the Writing School East Midlands Anthology, please upload the work for consideration on to Submittable following this link: https://writingeastmidlands.submittable.com/submit/25890 You can then track the progress of your submission. Please do read through and follow the below Submission Guidelines.

Submission Guidelines

  • To be eligible to submit your work for consideration, you must have enrolled on a Writing School East Midlands course between January and December 2015. Please state the course name, date the course was taken and the tutor on your application form.
  • To be eligible for consideration, the piece submitted must have been written during, or inspired by, one of the Writing School East Midlands courses.
  • Please submit up to three short stories, six poems, or one script per person. Work must be in Times New Roman, 12pt with double line spacing. Your name must not appear on the submission itself, only the title of the piece is allowed.
  • Please submit a short biography, with your name, and no longer than 70 words, as a separate document to the piece/s you are submitting.

Each short story must be no longer than 7000 words. There is no minimum length. We accept short stories, flash fiction, memoir writing and monologues. We also accept first chapters of novels, or sections from a novel as long as they stand on their own as a creative piece.

Each poem must be no longer than 50 lines long.

No more than 7000 words.

  • Submissions are accepted throughout the year and will close on 31 December 2015. The Writing School East Midlands Anthology will be published in Easter 2016.
  • Applicants who are selected for the anthology will be notified in February 2016 and sent a contract. The submitted pieces will then be edited by the publisher at Pewter Rose Press. Copyright of the individual stories or poems remains with the authors and this will be acknowledged at the front of the book.
  • All accepted writers will be invited to attend and read at the launch of the anthology in Easter 2016, should they so wish.
  • Please note, if your submissions go over the maximum length, they will be automatically rejected.