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Writer Biography

I’m a Leicester based graphic artist, comedy performer, rock musician and writer of all things fictional, far-fetched and fanciful (abundant use of alliteration is of course optional).
When I’m not humiliating myself on stage for the amusement of strangers I work mainly within the games industry as a writer and designer, though I also write novels, short stories and scripts in other media such as TV, film, animation and comic books (or ‘graphic novels’ if you’re insecure) though only two of the projects I’ve been involved with have been published so far (Mercia: Fractured Realms and Sodium: Universe) while the others have languished in the pre-production and ‘meetings’ stages of their development. So it goes…
I’m currently a writer and editor for the entertainment website Pulp365.com while working on an indie dev ‘cog-punk’ fantasy-adventure game entitled ‘Lumiknights’.
Between working on the above projects (and any freelance art/design work I can get) I agonise over submissions to agents/publishers for my contemporary sci-fi-fantasy-kitchen-sink-adventure novel ‘The Lightshire’ which I hope to see published before I die (and the sequel left unfinished on my hard drive).
The book is about gifted teenage brothers Warner and Brin Noonsun who are propelled into a journey of discovery and exploration of the mysterious isolated county of the Lightshire where they live after being violently orphaned.
While trying to uncover the reason for their parents suspicious deaths, they find themselves being pursued for their talents by a number of clandestine rebel factions who hope to use their powers to free the population from the control of the oppressive ruling Council.
The brothers eventually becoming separated and are set on opposite sides of the power struggle, with events leading to a climactic confrontation where the truth of their situation and the future of the Lightshire will finally be settled.
In the past I was commissioned to write the back-story and provide character, creature, environment and gameplay concepts for the fantasy RPG ‘Mercia: Fractured Realms (for which I also wrote a series of developer diaries) and the sci-fi hover-tank battle and ‘velocity-racing’ racing game ‘Sodium: Universe’, which were both developed by Lockwood Publishing.
I was shortlisted for the 1998 Jerwood Film Prize that had a panel of judges comprised of notable film and TV industry professionals including the Coen brothers (who – as I was told by Debra Hayward and Tim Bevan of Working Title Films – picked my entry as their favourite for the final ten) for my short script ‘Life is Peachy’ which is a comedy-drama about the experiences of an inept tank crew in Africa during the second world war.
My interests, knowledge and expertise are varied and eclectic, but I do favour the more unusual and esoteric, particularly in the genres of fantasy, horror, science fiction, comedy and crime – elements of which are usually present in some form or another in my own work.


Selected Publications
'Ricky Rouse Has A Gun! Jorg Ttittle Interview' feature for pop culture entertainment site Pulp: http://pulp365.com/2014/08/ricky-rouse-jorg-tittel-interview 'The Squidder! Ben Templesmith Interview' feature for pop culture entertainment site Pulp: http://pulp365.com/2014/07/the-squidder-ben-templesmith-interview/ 'Guardians of the Galaxy: Where To Start?' feature for pop culture entertainment site Pulp: http://pulp365.com/2014/07/guardians-of-the-galaxy-where-to-start/ 'Black Captain America! Fad? Or Rad?' feature for pop culture entertainment site Pulp: http://pulp365.com/2014/07/black-captain-america/ 'Leicester Comic Con 2014' feature for pop culture entertainment site Pulp: http://pulp365.com/2014/07/leicester-comic-con-2014/ 'In Your Eyes - Review' feature for pop culture entertainment site Pulp: http://pulp365.com/2014/06/eyes-review/ 'Amazing Spider-Man 2 - Review' feature for pop culture entertainment site Pulp: http://pulp365.com/2014/05/amazing-spider-man-2-review/ 'Level Design Principles' article for computer tech and gaming site Gamers Nexus: http://www.gamersnexus.net/gg/942-level-design-principles 'Mercian Diaries' - a series of articles that make up a 'developer's diary' charting the production of the MMORPG 'Mercia: Fractured Realms for Lockwood publishing: http://www.lockwoodpublishing.com/2012/05/mercian-diaries-defining-the-art-style/#more-2081 http://www.lockwoodpublishing.com/2012/06/mercian-diaries-the-creatures/ http://www.lockwoodpublishing.com/2012/06/mercian-diaries-get-equipped/ http://www.lockwoodpublishing.com/2012/06/mercian-diaries-the-guardians/ http://www.lockwoodpublishing.com/2012/07/mercian-diaries-environments/ http://www.lockwoodpublishing.com/2012/07/mercian-diaries-the-characters/
Contributed To
I am a writer and editor for the community driven pop culture entertainment site Pulp and section editor of their comic book zone. I contributed to the back story, script, character, creature, vehicle, environment and gameplay concepts for the MMORPG 'Mercia: Fractured Realms' and the battle-racing sim 'Sodium: One' and its sequel 'Sodium: Project Velocity' that were developed by Lockwood Publishing and featured exclusively on Sony Playstation Home as part of their social gaming network hub. I also wrote a series of developer's diaries for Lockwood Publishing focusing on different aspects of the production of 'Mercia: Fractured Realms' (see above links).
Performances & Workshops
I regularly perform both stand up and improv comedy (with the group known as UFI: Unidentified Flying Improv and the ‘Square Mile’ and ‘Ship of Fools’ workshops) under the stage name Aaran O'Tang. My show with three other comics entitled 'Three Men... and Another Man' sold out at the 2012 Dave's Leicester Comedy Festival. I also sing and play guitar in the electro-rock group 'Chimpanzees' who have toured frequently around the UK (visit: http://www.chimpanzeestheband.co.uk or: https://chimpanzees.bandcamp.com for more info).
Prizes & Awards
Shortlisted for the 1998 Jerwood Film Prize for my script 'Life is Peachy' which was selected by the Coen bros (who were on the panel of judges which included Emma Thompson and Mel Smith among others) as their favourite to win, though that honour went to the script entitled 'Eight' by Tim Clague. Runner up in the First Film Foundation/Sci-Fi Channel Short Film competition in 2001 (judged by Terry Gilliam) for my script 'Nine O'Clock Horses', with the first prize going to Simon Hook's 'Knit Your Own Karma'.

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