Anne Zouroudi

Stanton In Peak, Derbyshire
Crime, Horror, SciFi & Fantasy, Literary Fiction

Writer Biography

Born in rural Lincolnshire in 1959, Anne moved to South Yorkshire at the age of two. Following her education at Sheffield High School for Girls, she went into the IT industry, a career which took her to both New York’s Wall Street and Denver, Colorado. In America she began to take seriously her ambition to write fiction, and bought a typewriter for her first short stories.
On returning to the UK, she booked a summer holiday with her sister. The location they chose was a tiny island in southern Greece.
They arrived at night; there was nothing to see. But the next morning, Anne opened the shutters of the rented house, and it was love at first sight. The brilliant blue sea, the scent of herbs on the breeze, the timelessness of the place… It was the first moment of a love affair which has lasted twenty years.
Anne spent a number of years living in the islands; she married a Greek, and her son was born there. Returning to the UK, she began work on a novel set in Greece, which her agent, Christopher Little, really loved. Bloomsbury offered her a contract, and the Greek Detective series was born.
Anne’s books are listed as crime novels, but there’s a little more to them than that. She herself describes them as morality tales, and there’s a touch of mythology around her investigator, Hermes Diaktoros, known as the fat man. Think An Inspector Calls, think Homer’s Odyssey, and the mystery around his identity should become clear.
Anne currently lives with her son in Derbyshire’s beautiful Peak District, where she’s working on the next book in the Greek Detective series.


Selected Publications

The Messenger of Athens
The Taint of Midas
The Doctor of Thessaly
The Lady of Sorrows
The Whispers of Nemesis
The Bull of Mithros

Prizes & Awards

Nominated in the Breakthrough Author category, ITV3 Crime Thriller Awards 2008

Shortlisted for the Desmond Elliott Prize for Sparkling New Fiction, 2008

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    The Messenger of Athens
    Publisher: Bloomsbury

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