Chesterfield, Derbyshire
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I am a retired Infant Teacher of advancing years, having been involved in writing in one way or another all my life. A prolific letter writer on my own behalf, I was constantly urged by correspondents to go into journalism, so detailed were my descriptions. A lifelong resident of Chesterfield as my mother before me, both having an ardent interest in the education of writing and literature, I was reared on the classics.
My teaching of young children involved me writing stories of the seasonal changes in Nature and introducing to poetry, encouraging the compiling own verses, often creating armosphere through sounds and music .
Also. I enjoyed producing and presenting feature programmes, of Scripture Stories and famous people for the whole school Assemblies, cohering Music and acting.
However, taking early retirement, I concentrated for some years on contributing to the Small Press Poetry magazines, as well as regularly featured in a more general private publication, presenting stories, poetry
and articles, plus crosswords, word puzzles, anecdotes resulting latterly
in being responsible for 2 (A4) pages pf my own chosen subject, style and presentation.
Since, I have extended my writing more into producing my own Poetry Books and, this year, making my poems into more permanent laminated A4 Wall Cards, to be chosen individually for content and displayed to give continual pleasure, information and topics for discussion.

I have studied Local History and have been a community speaker of many subjects for circa 15 years in Derbyshire, and introduce quite a lot of my traditional rhyming Verse, to illustrate anecdotes, situations, life experiences etc. Some of these appearing in my A4 booklet, & In Sight of the Crooked Spire& which covers the environs of Chesterfield and some of its industry and occupations, thus being of some authority recording the past.
For a period, I compiled, single-handed, booklets for some 30+ members of the British Amateur Publishing Association, when their long-term editor suddenly resigned.
I contributed regularly to ‘Forward Press’ (Peterboro’) where I had some 80poems in their anthologies, including 2/3 re Chesterfield (incl Crooked
Spire) in annual anthologies of the East Midlands.
Now I write verse when feeling strongly about a situation, or moved aesthetically, humorously or by the irony of incidents and situations

Otherwise, I enjoy compiling cross-words ,especially on literary and nature subjects and articles on all manner of topics, though intend to take up some of the magazine challengesat long lasr and aim to get my work published
professionally,- an area I have, for too long, neglected.


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    Infant/Junior teaching experience & qualification.
    Also Teacher Qualification Certificate on own assount, Literature being one of my specialist examination subjects

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    Individual laminated POEM CARDS, attractively illustrated and bordered
    Publisher: Bee Books