Marshchapel, Lincolnshire
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Born Manchester, August 1927.

Volunteered for wartime Royal Navy, 1944 and served my time in British Pacific Fleet, latterly on staff of Commander-in-Chief.

Thereafter journalism in Manchester, Publicity Manager for companies in Rochdale and Bradford.

Writing, in sequence over the years:
Short stories and essays for magazines and BBC radio;
Talks for BBC radio;
A dozen plays for stage and BBC Radio 4;
Attached Writer to Lincoln Theatre Royal (1970’s when it was still a producing theatre.)

Books: ‘The British in the First World War;
three novels (Hodder & Stoughton) – latest ‘There was a time’ (set in Lincolnshire) published June 2017.

Society of Authors.


Selected Publications
Novels (Hodder & Stoughton) A Morse code set A feast of cannibals There was a time Non-fiction The British in the First World War A dozen plays to theatres and BBC radio. Formerly Writer in Residence at Lincoln Theatre Royal (original plays and dramatisations.)
Contributed To
Numerous magazines BBC radio and television
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    My Work

    There was a time (novel)THERE WAS A TIME – publisher’s press release June 2017. There was a time is set in a Lincolnshire village on the. east coast during the six months from June to December 1940, the book opens in a sweltering summer when the people of Britain face the grim prospect of an invasion. The beaches are mined and tank traps are set up in the village. But life continues and everyone learns to adapt and support each other. Drinks are still served at the Black Bull (even if they are brewed illegally), the gardening club is busier than ever, the Commodore still takes his morning walk, the Reverend Samuel Duke continues God’s work and the young evacuees living up at Pretoria House are largely shielded from the war. Frank White vividly captures their personalities and foibles. He is a perceptive writer with a lovely, gentle sense of humour. Winston Churchill is the new Prime Minister. The call has gone out for men who were not available for the services to form a new civilian force to be called the Local Defence Volunteer Corps. Post- Dunkirk the confident optimism of the early days of the war has gone. Mussolini has allied himself with Hitler. Down Main Street everyone is tuned into the BBC. The blackout is in force and the night watch is on the lookout for spies and saboteurs. The arrival of two companies of the 1st battalion Lancashire rifles to set up camp in the village is met with mixed feelings. Just back from France they are known as ‘the Borrowed Time Brigade’ because so many of their comrades have been killed. As the soldiers march along Station Road some onlookers clap. Others seeing the haunted look on the soldiers’ faces weep. There Was a Time describes a period unlike any other before or since. It captures the anxieties of the times, the stress on people’s relationships, the way the war impacted on every family’s life and the heightened emotions that result from loneliness, fear and the belief that life as you know it may be about to come to an end. Frank White was born in 1927. At seventeen he volunteered for the wartime Royal Navy and served in the British Pacific Fleet, latterly on the staff of the Commander- in -Chief. In later years he worked first in journalism and then as Publicity Manager for two large companies in Rochdale and Bradford. He wrote talks and short stories for the BBC and essays and articles for numerous journals. He also wrote plays for the stage. He was Writer in Residence at the Theatre Royal, Lincoln. He retired in Lincolnshire in 1986. He continued to contribute material to magazines, wrote a short book on the First World War and two full length plays for BBC radio. His other interests include line drawing – he has produced some delightful line illustrations for There Was a Time, tying complicated knots, smoking cigarettes, model-making and politics. He lives with his wife June in Marshchapel, Lincolnshire. They have five children.
    Publisher: Hodder & Stoughton