Hannah Abbott

Leicester, Leicestershire
Performance Poetry, Plays and Scripts, Writing for Young Adults

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Name: Hannah Abbott
Age: 20
Occupation: Third year Drama Student at De Montfort University (hoping to be an actor one day)
Hobbies: Acting, Creative Writing…anything theatre related!

I wrote a Choreopoem style play called ‘Pfft, woMEN!’ before last summer and it was staged twice since then by Fateline Theatre Company; first at ‘The Crumblin’ Cookie’ and then at ‘The Western’. I recieved a lot of help and guidance from Nathan Human from the theatre company Citizen598; he convinced me to finish the play because I was a good writer. Although I strongly disagree, I suppose it could be comapared to The Vagina Monologues. Four women with different issues telling their story. It isn’t four women complaining about the opposite sex (I would’ve hated that) but they are sharing their emotions that are often left unsaid. It is more a play where you listen to the words rather than watch the action. I would love to write another one, if there was a reason to…


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‘Pfft, woMEN’, my play, has been performed twice recently at ‘The Crumblin’ Cookie’ and ‘The Western’, both in Leicester, by Fateline Theatre Company.

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    I have been involved behind the stage for years. I went to Spotlight Stage School for one year and left to join Stage2 for a year. I left because I decided to continue my studies at university. I am now a third year drama student at De Montfort University. Here, I have performed in many performances. ‘Fen’ at the Curve Theatre 2013 is the one I am most proud of. I am soon to be in The Tempest, also at the Curve Theatre. I have often been told I am a skilled writer, but never did anything with it until I recieved good feedback on my short play, therefore decided to finish it. I am pleased with how well it was recieved. I believe my knowledge of the theatre allows me to write for it, combining creative writing and my love for theatre into one.

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    'Pfft, woMEN!'