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Belton, Leicestershire
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Jamie Mollart runs his own advertising company, and has won awards for marketing. Over the years he has been widely published in magazines, been a guest on some well-respected podcasts and blogs, and Patrick Neate called him ‘quite a writer’ on the Book Slam podcast. He is married and lives in Leicestershire with his wife and cat.

His debut novel, The Zoo, is out now from Sandstone Press and is on the Amazon Rising Stars 2015 list.

‘The Zoo intrigued me from the very first page. Jamie Mollart’s debut novel is a grippingly dark and ultimately moving story about exploitation, destruction and the possibility of redemption.’ Alison Moore, author of Man Booker shortlisted The Lighthouse

‘One of those rare books that you have to read a second time the moment you reach the end no small feat for a debut novel. This could well be the next Bret Easton Ellis.’ Staff recommendation at Waterstones Leicester from Simon

‘This is a truly exceptional debut novel from Jamie Mollart. It delves into the polished, manipulative world of corporate advertising and the corruption and exploitation it glosses over, a world only those with no empathy can succeed in. James is a selfish, smarmy character yet you cling to the hope he will be saved. The chapters swing from his incarceration in a psychiatric hospital to the months leading up to his climatic breakdown, creating a deep atmosphere of foreboding that will grip you to the end. This sure to be one of the big hits of 2015, and deservedly so.’ Booktrust

‘This was a book I read quickly and avidly, which made me think and which I will recommend. It’s not a light read but I think it is a worthwhile one and one ideally suited to examination’ Book Hugger

‘The Zoo is a mesmerising story. Bleak and dark, devoid of even a chink of hope until the absolute end, it is brilliantly well written, without an ounce of fat or padding. It had me hooked from beginning to intense and extraordinary end. Powerful. Astonishingly good. A truly remarkable début.’ Book Critic Top 1000 reviewer Amazon.co.uk


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The Zoo, published 16/04/15 Sandstone Press

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