Kathleen Bartholomew

Selston, Nottinghamshire
Literary Fiction, Other, Performance Poetry, Plays and Scripts, Poetry, Writing for Young Adults

Writer Biography

In 2005 I became a degree student in English Lit. and Creative writing at Ruskin College Oxford. I decided I wanted to take my writing seriously.
I do a pub gig with several musicians, every Wednesday. They play, and I find an appropriate poem or even a short story to recite. Or visa versa.
I attend as many local events as they come up, workshops, talks, or open mike evenings. I attend classes in Selston; we are putting together an anthology of the work we have done during the course.It is for the Heritage Project when in Nov. we present our work to the public through a Festival week.
I have had about 30 poems/stories published by various publishers.
I have written a journal, 600 pages, it contains stories, poems and illustrations. I have not managed to get it published yet. It is a big project for any publisher to take on. I keep trying. I have had an excerpt of it published in the Southwell and district Folio mag.
I belong to a Stanza group which is held at The Nottm university site (Lakeside)we meet each month. We have opportunities to take part in studying recommended poet’s work. Also we have our own poems constructively criticized by the group members.We are invited to venues in Nottinghamshire where we perform our own poetry to the public. The last venue was at Southwell poetry Festival.
I am a member of The Reindeer Writers which is affiliated to the Assoc of Christian Writers. We meet every three months and stick to prepared themes where we can learn for eg at the last meeting the subject was Haiku.
I have been invited to say my poems at Church meetings, ladies groups.
I have run workshops. The last one I did was for the University of the New Age in Wolverhampton Manders Center.
I also attend two writer’s groups in Crouch End Nth London. My daughter lives there and I take this opportunity to attend these. They are of a very high standard and progressive; I learn a lot. They don’t mind me dropping in occasionally. Both groups are very different and teach writing from many angles.
I hope by attending all these workshops and classes to keep my own writing fresh, being regularly motivated. My work load is quite heavy as I try to present new material every week to the pub audience.
I have also performed at The Harlequin in Sheffield it is recorded and played on Radio Sheffield
I said a poem at Waterstones for National Poetry Day also I read some Seamus Heaney poems in the afternoon at Southwell Library.
I love my writer’s life and I hope to win some prestigious competition one of these days. I know my poetry and writing is improving. I concentrate on improving and applying all the technique and craft I have learned over the years. I read as much as I write. This I believe, is the way forward. I make sure I work every day. If I go away I take my lap top or usb with me. I keep a regular notebook and can always find an idea for a poem or story in there.


Selected Publications


Acknowledgements to Publishers

Nasturtiums and the Bumblebee
Reindeer Writers News Letter September 2010

Keeping Warm and a poem called e.on (extracts taken from ‘What did I eat today?’ a book by Kathleen Bartholomew
‘The Southwell Folio’ a cultural community magazine. Issue No 4 July/Aug 2010

Forward Press, Remus House Coltsfoot Drive
Northampton PE2 9JX
Anthology entitled ‘Inspired Minds’ 31st July 2010

You in your small corner and I in mine…short story
Reindeer Writers News Letter June 2010

The Spiritual Birth
Included in Church of Christ Magazine
Mary Scrimshaw Church of Christ Portland Road Selston Notts April 2010

Last Goodbyes
Forward Press, Remus House, Woodston, Peterborough PE2 9JX
Anthology entitled ‘Far and Wide’ 31st May 2010

Begin Again
Forward Press, Remus House, Woodston, Peterborough PE2 9JX
Anthology entitled ‘My Words Are My Voice’ 31st December2009

Forward Press Remus House Woodston, Peterborough PE2 9JX
‘Anthology entitled The Chessboard of Life’ 31st October 2009

Hallowe’en Twins
Poetry Now, Woodston Peterborough PE2 9JX
Anthology entitled ‘United In Words’ 29th July 2009

Captive in Derbyshire
Poetry Now, Peterborough
Anthology entitled ‘Awakening Inspiration’
( scheduled for publication) 31st January 2009

Moving On
Sheltered Times Ashfield District Council
Urban Road, Kirkby in Ashfield Notts October 2006

Poesie De Paris
Poetry Now, Peterborough,
anthology entitled- ‘Deja vu’. 30th April 2007

Our Kid
Anchor Books, part of Forward Press. Woodston
Peterborough PE2 9JX
anthology entitled- ‘Leader of the Pack- Animal Antics’. November 2007

Might It Not Be
Poetry Now, subsidiary of Forward Press
Woodston Peterborough PE2 9JX October 2006

Included in –
‘Midland and East Anglia Poets’ part of Forward Press, Woodston Peterborough PE2 9JX 24th November 2006

Welcome Home
Poetry Now,
part of Forward Press. Woodston Peterborough PE2 9JX
anthology entitled ‘Poppy Fields’ September 2007

I’m Lost
Dogma Publications, editor Amanda Read
ISBN 978-1-84591-18-1
anthology entitled -‘Shattered Illusions’ 7th April 2006

Dogma Publications, editor Amanda Read
ISBN 1-84591-010-9
4 Overstrand Close, Bicester, Oxon OX26 4YP
anthology entitled ‘Rhyme and Reason’ 30th September2005

Death Came
United Press Ltd. London, EC1B 1JB
anthology entitled ‘Body and Soul’ 29th November 2005

Exile, ‘Poems to print’
John Marr, Exile, 8 Snow Hill, Clare, Suffolk. ( contacted ) 16th December 2004

Nasturtiums and the Bumblebee
You me and a dog named Blue
You in your small corner and I in mine
submissions to be incorporated in the Selston Parish Anthology November 2010 details to be confirmed

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Performances & Workshops

Horse and Jockey Selston Notts, every Wednesday 9pm Poetry and Music.
Quarterly Harlequin Pub Sheffield for Radio Sheffield, Monday night.

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  • Lectures / Talks / Panels
  • Teaching
  • Live Performances
  • Workshops
  • Community Group Work
  • Volunteering
  • Work Experience/Qualifications

    2010 VL Wolverhampton Uni year 8/9
    Ruskin College Oxford. English Lit and Creative Writing degree course 2005
    2005 Holgate School Hucknall STA year 11/16 all subjects 2002/5West Notts College, work skills program, year 10 in conjunction with the SRC in Holgate School
    Gosfield School Halstead Essex (Independent education) all ages from nursery up to 18
    Position, House Mistress/ ages 5/18
    Cambridge Guardian.
    1986 til now -Hosting Foreign Students, etc..LEC host
    From 1965/1970Youth Club Leader Baptist Chapel Kirkby in Ashfield and The Bunker Sutton in Ashfield

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