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Wigston, Leicestershire

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Margaret, who spent her childhood in Palestine, is the author of four published historical adventure novels set in the British Mandate of Palestine spanning the years, 1933- 1946. The first “Struggling Free” is now out of print. The latest three, published by Bluewood Publishing, form a trilogy, “Land of Broken Promises”, featuring three women from very different backgrounds
Patsy, a British woman brought up by fundamentalist Christians in Haifa, Palestine.
Maftur, a Muslim woman, also brought up in Haifa but by increasingly westernised parents.
Dalia, a Zionist woman, who, at the age of thirteen who, with her parents, left a prosperous home in Germany to start a new life on an agricultural settlement in Palestine’s coastal plain.

The first novel centres on Patsy who, all set to take up a place at Oxford University, is stranded in Palestine when WW2 breaks out. Doing ‘her bit’ for the war effort as a typist in Police HQ, Haifa leads Dalia on to political and romantic adventures elsewhere, in the course of which, she makes two good friends, Maftur and Dalia.
The second novel centres on Maftur, who struggles successfully to escape an arranged marriage and then attempts, also against her family convention, to combine a career and marriage with the man of her choice. Her work in wartime Palestine takes her into the centre of secret research where enemies become friends and friends become enemies.
The final novel centres on Dalia, who struggles to overcome childhood trauma. to create a focus to her life in new surroundings and to find a life-partner who shares her final ambitions.
In her novels, Margaret is determined not to bend historical facts and chronological in order to suit her plots. She considers such practice, in both Jewish and Arabic narrative, has contributed to the convoluted situation in today’s Middle East. She has no desire to add to the chaos. On the contrary, she hopes her novels, as well as entertaining, will help readers understand what lies behind events in the current news. However she realised, early on in her writing career, that non-fiction needs polishing and shaping before it can succeed as the foundation of enjoyable novels, so she devoted twenty-five years to studying the craft of writing in its many aspects, then drafting and redrafting before her novels could be accepted by publishers.
In between writing novels , she had published several articles and short stories.
Currently, Margaret is nearing the completion of an online, illustrated history of Palestine between1914 and 1948 (It seemed a pity not to make use of the background research that wasn’t needed in the text of her novels ). She is also writing short biographies of illustrious and/or eccentric characters of people who made Palestine their home.
She has also started a prequel to the first novel of her trilogy.


Selected Publications
Struggling Free ISBN 1-905108-40- Undiscovered Authors East Midlands Prize Trilogy Land of Broken Promises Patsy ISBN 978-1-927220-75-7 Bluewood Publishing Ltd, Maftur ISBN 978-1-927220-90-0 Bluewood Publishing Ltd, Dalia ISBN 978-0-908325-19-1 Bluewood Publishing Ltd,
Contributed To
Times Educational Supplement The Rose quarterly Magazine(now defunct) Two computer magazines focusing on BBC B computers (now defunct Dragonsteeth (now defunct) British Palestine Police Association newsletters (c. 50 page lithoprinted booklets published three times a year) Ireland's Own
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Undiscovered Authors East Midlands Prize

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