Marie O'Regan

Chesterfield, Derbyshire
Horror, SciFi & Fantasy

Writer Biography

Marie O’Regan is a British Fantasy Award nominated horror and dark fantasy writer based in the Midlands. She has had stories published widely in such magazines as Dusk, Dark Angel Rising, Here and Now, Midnight Street, and in anthologies like The Alsiso Project (Best Anthology, British Fantasy Awards) from Elastic Press, When Darkness Comes, Amazzoni in Italy and Amazonen in Germany, and Terror Tales, alongside Richard Christian Matheson, Simon Clark and Peter Straub. Marie also served as the Chairperson of the British Fantasy Society for four years (2004-2008), where she has worked on projects involving Clive Barker, Neil Gaiman, John Connolly, Ramsey Campbell and Stephen Gallagher, and she has edited both their publications Dark Horizons and Prism in the past. In addition, she worked on the British Fantasy Society’s FantasyCon Committee for several years, and acted as Co-Chair with her husband, Paul Kane, for 2008’s FantasyCon, featuring Guests of Honour Dave McKean, Christopher Golden and James Barclay.
Her first collection, Mirror Mere, came out in Spring 2006 to much acclaim, with authors like Muriel Gray and Kelley Armstrong calling it ‘satisfyingly nasty’ and ‘a delicious batch of tightly written, shivers-up-the-spine chillers’. She is a contributor to Writing Magazine, Writers’ Forum, Fortean Times, Dreamwatch, Rue Morgue, Dark Side, DeathRay and Rue Morgue, and also tutors students for Writers’ News distance learning course, as well as working for their critique service. Although hers is not the finished version, she provided the first two draft scripts for a short film based on the life of Dick Turpin, which was produced in 2008.
In September 2009, Pocket Books (Simon and Schuster) published her first co-edited anthology (with Paul Kane). Hellbound Hearts, an anthology of stories based on the original novella, The Hellbound Heart, by Clive Barker, that inspired the movie Hellraiser. Hellbound Hearts features stories by Peter Atkins, Steve Niles, Mick Garris, Richard Christian Matheson, Kelley Armstrong, Sarah Langan, Sarah Pinborough, Nancy Holder, Nancy Kilpatrick, Simon Clark, Tim Lebbon, Mark Morris, Jeff Mariotte, Conrad Williams, Christopher Golden and Mike Mignola (illustrated by Mike Mignola), Gary A. Braunbeck and Lucy A. Snyder, Yvonne Navarro, Barbie Wilde, Nicholas Vince, Chaz Brenchley, and the reprinted graphic story Wordsworth by Neil Gaiman and Dave McKean; with a foreword and original cover art (featuring brand new cenobite ‘Vestimenti’) by Clive Barker, introduction by Stephen Jones and afterword by Doug ‘Pinhead’ Bradley.


Selected Publications

Mirror Mere (collection)
Hellbound Hearts (co-edited with Paul Kane)

Contributed To

The Alsiso Project
Darc Karnivale
When Darkness Comes
Midnight Street #5
Here and Now #4
Estronomicon (various issues)
Strange Horizons
Dark Horizons #45
Dark Angel Rising #10
Terror Tales 2 & 3
Thinking Man’s Crumpet
Femme Fatales, NVF

Performances & Workshops

Workshops in Alt. Fiction 2006 & 2007 with Paul Kane.
Horror Day Workshop on World Horror Day 2007 with Paul Kane and Simon Clark.

Prizes & Awards

British Fantasy Award nomination (short-listing) for Best Short Story 2006

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    I am a tutor for Writers’ News Home Study, working with adults on sf/f/h related courses. Together with my husband Paul (Kane), we run workshops for horror events, both at Alt. Fiction and elsewhere.

    I am also an award-nominated author in my own right, and have done many readings/panels etc.

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    My Work

    Hellbound Hearts, edited by Paul Kane & Marie O'Regan
    Publisher: Simon and Schuster (Pocket Books)