Nathan T. Dean

Lincoln, Lincolnshire
Horror, SciFi & Fantasy, Literary Fiction, Other, Performance Poetry, Plays and Scripts, Poetry

Writer Biography

Nathan T. Dean is a writer based in Lincoln, Lincolnshire who creates work inspired by the uncomfortable, the esoteric, the off-centre. Stylised through post-modernism, urban fantasy, meta-fiction and literature, Nathan attempts to show alternative narratives about the day-to-day. His fascination with the existential crisis – of people desperately trying to understand the world around them – is a constant theme running through his work, whether that be literary, theatrical or experimental.

Nathan self-publishes his work currently, including his first novella Spectral Fathoms and his novel Noct.

He also acts as the Creative Director of Art Isn’t Sexy. From the website: “Through clear consultation we will promote a dynamic mix of esoteric language driven art form experiments to build narrative-led performance & digital events. We will allow people to explore the full gamut of emotions, including those deemed taboo or uncomfortable, in a safe and inclusive environment.” –

As well as his own work, Nathan supports emerging talent he discovers through social media with the online zine Esoterica. From the website: “Esoterica is a bi-monthly literary zine celebrating fringe art, strange fiction, micro-experiments and the esoteric art world. Connecting the local with the global, Esoterica is about being part of a community of the weird, a culture of the bizarre, a family of the expressive.

We bring this to those of you trapped on the train – lost on the subway – in need of that fix of the weird or the mad. As you travel the underbelly of your city, or stare out across the wilderness of endless fields, Esoterica Zine slides onto iPad, tablet, laptop, ready to take you away, before you return to reality…”


Selected Publications
Spectral Fathoms Noct In The Land of Sleet and Rain (coming soon) Folio (coming soon) Hello? Can You Hear Me? This Is Some Heart Speaking
Contributed To
A Handful of Horror Tales from The Stop
Performances & Workshops
We Have Offended Art Isn't Sexy Room Service

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    Nathan currently works at Lincoln College in the Media Studies department. With his experience he gives the students as direct look into the life of an artist/director/writer from a more practical perspective. Through this he has held workshops in VR narrative design at The University of Lincoln.

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