Nicky Peacock

Corby, Northamptonshire
Horror, SciFi & Fantasy, Writing for Young Adults

Writer Biography

I’ve always been a writer but have only recently gained success with it. I run a local writer’s group which I think has contributed significantly to this achievement.

As an aspiring writer I know what it’s like to bang your head against a brick wall and only get a headache! Believe me though if you stop head banging and start looking around, even if you can’t see a door, there’s always a window…my window was submitting to publishers overseas.

The UK’s appetite for horror is much smaller than the US, and after doing quite a bit of research, I started submitting work overseas and have (so far) gained quite some success with selling short stories to anthologies

I’m now thinking bigger and working on YA paranormal romance novellas and novels.


Selected Publications

Anthologies with my stories in the USA

Dark Deeds in History
Mon Coeur Mort (My Dead Heart)
Science Gone Mad
The Writings on the Wall
Incense & Perfume
So Long & Thanks for all the Brains
Sowing the Seeds of Horror
Deals with the Devil
Night Terrors 2
Unfinished Business
Enter at your Own Risk
Earth’s End
2012 Daily Flashes
Poems From the Dark Side 1&2
Corpus Pretereo (I Escape my body)

Contributed To

Stamford Book of Ghost Stories through Walker Books – out now

Vicious Circle through Northamptonshire Libraries – due out March 2012

Available for the following:

  • Lectures / Talks / Panels
  • Community Group Work
  • Work Experience/Qualifications

    This year I participated in the 48 hour book challenge for Northamptonshire Libraries’ celebration of World Book Day. One of twelve authors we put together a novel in less than 48 hours. Entitled ‘Vicious Circle’ the book will be released next March.

    I was also chosen as one of the winners of the Stamford Ghost Story Competition last year. All the winning entries have been published together by Walker Books in the Stamford Book of Ghost Stories which launched on Halloween this year.

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    My Work

    Mon Coeur Mort (My Dead Heart) - Blood Crush
    Publisher: Post Mortem Press

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