Vivien Steels

Nottingham, Nottinghamshire
Horror, SciFi & Fantasy, Performance Poetry, Plays and Scripts, Poetry, Writing for Children, Writing for Young Adults

Writer Biography

Brief Biography – Vivien Steels

Vivien Steels lives in Nottingham and graduated from Reading University in 1974 (with a B.Ed. [Hons] in English Literature and Education). She writes poetry, short stories for adults and children, as well as articles, and paints in watercolours/acrylics. She has been published widely with over 290 poems, plus over 20 short stories and articles in poetry presses, magazines, anthologies, and on the Internet sometimes with her artwork.

Vivien has occasional local exhibitions of her paintings and illustrated poetry. She was the Poetry Editor with the online poetry magazine WAH during 2005/6. In 2008 she re-designed her poetry, prose and art website, “Talking Paint” @, which won The Quill and Parchment Award for Excellence in Poetry and Prose and in 2014 she designed her online journal ‘Heart-Work’ @ .

She produced her fifth collection of published, illustrated poems called *Winter White* in the winter of 2010 and completed her sixth collection, *Into the Past*, a Memoir compiled of poetry and prose illustrated with artwork, original photographs and graphics inspired by two Memoir Workshops in late 2012. Recently she has compiled a nature-inspired collection of published poems with her artwork, photographs and graphics entitled *Bees, Seas, Birds and Trees* in December 2016.

She won First Prize in a FAME Writing Competition with Nottingham Castle and Art Gallery linked to an Andy Warhol Exhibition in 2002 and she has been a finalist and runner up in various writing competitions. Her short story, ‘The Referral of Mr Roberts,’ was a finalist and recently published in ‘Silver Scribes – Tell Tales’ (New Generation Publishing).

Vivien has attended many writer’s groups over the years and attended a Writers’ Workshop at Nottingham Writers’ Studio during the first half of 2009. She gained a Distinction in a Creative and Professional Writing Course at Nottingham University in July 2010. She adjudicated a poetry competition for people with ME/CFS at the Oxfordshire ME Group (OMEGA) in 2012, which resulted in an anthology of poems called ‘Poetry from the Bed: Life with ME/CFS’ with her original comments about the poems. She adjudicated a poetry competition for Nottingham Writer’s Club in December 2013.

Vivien has just finished writing her first novel for adults. In July 2015 she had a children’s book (with her illustrations), ‘Ferne and Chocolate and the Rollercoaster Rainbow and Other Stories, published by DayGlo Books Ltd @ . One of her latest published online prose is ‘Make-Up’ in in Subtle Tea magazine, which is @ . She has had 3 short stories published in Carillon Magazine – ‘The Farthing Penknife’ in Issue 46 – Autumn/Winter 2016, ‘Wings’ in Issue 47 – Spring 2017 and ‘Were There Mountains in Rhodes?’ in Summer 2017. Her latest poem, ‘The Shine-Wet Road’ , was published in Dawntreader 43.


Selected Publications
Over 290 poems published in various poetry magazines, presses and antholgies including Envoi, The Frogmore Papers, Smiths Knoll, IOTA, Panda, Rain Dog, CPR International, Poetry Nottingham, Poetry Monthly, Countryside Tales, Orbis, Carillon, The New Cauldron, Wordshare, Amber Silhouettes, Purple Patch, Weyfarers, Orbis, ImageNation, Reflections, Quantum Leap, Peace and Freedom Press, Poetry Cornwall, Solo Survivors, Moonstone, South, Fire, Tree Spirit, The Coffee House, Earth Love, Decanto, Curlew, Magnapoets, Krax, Popshot, Dawntreader, Write-Away and First Time and in anthologies Butterfly Away (Magnapoets Series 3), Many Windows (Magnapoets Series 4), Forward Press Poets 2008, Aspects of Love, Love Poetry, Love is Eternal, Expressions from the Heart of England, Bright Voices, Easter Inspirations, Daily Reflections, A Time of Reflection, Animals Antics, 101 Poets for a Cornish Assembly [Boho Press], Story Time Rhymes - A Collection of Story Poems and Into the River [Nottingham Jubilee Press - The University Of Nottingham]. Self published Books of my separately published poems with artwork: *Promise* - First collection of my colour illustrated poems Vivi*Press - 2003 *Mandala* - Second collection of poems/colour illustrations Vivi*Press - 2004 *Secrets* - Third collection of poems and colour illustrations Vivi*Press - 2006 *Home from Home* - Fourth collection of my poems Vivi*Press - 2008 *Winter White* - Fifth collection of poems/colour illustrations Vivi*Press - 2010 *A Memoir: *Into the Past* - My sixth illustrated collection Vivi*Press - 2012 * Latest: *Bees, Seas, Birds and Trees' - My seventh collection Vivi*Press - 2016/17 Various short stories published the last three being in Carillon Magazine – ‘The Farthing Penknife’ in Issue 46 – Autumn/Winter 2016, ‘Wings’ in Issue 47 – Spring 2017 and ‘Were There Mountains in Rhodes?’ in Summer 2017.
Contributed To
Various anthologies.
Performances & Workshops
Have given talks on my poetry, and my poetry and artwork together over the years, the most recently at Arnold Library when a member of New Writers UK.
Prizes & Awards
* First Prize - FAME Writing Competition (Portrait with a Pen) with Castle Museum and Art Gallery, Nottingham linked with an Andy Warhol Exhibition 29th Mar - 14th July 2002 * Finalist - SILVER SCRIBES Short Story Competition 2013 (anthology of 20 stories) - New Writers UK & prize-giving at Gedling Book Festival 14th July 2013 * Second Prize - LOWDHAM BOOK FESTIVAL 2000 Poetry Competition * Runner up - D H LAWRENCE Poetry Competition - April 2005 & Poetry Pamphlet Competition 2012 - Thynks Publications Website Award: * Quill and Parchment Website Award for Excellence in Poetry and Prose 2008 for my "Talking Paint" website @ .

My Work

'Ferne and Chocolate and the Rollercoaster Rainbow & Other Stories'
Publisher: DayGlo Books Ltd

Websites, blogs and links to work

Talking Paint showcases my poetry and prose with artwork and photographs, separately and together with cards, stationery and illustrated poetry books.

Heart-Work is my online personal journal, where I record my thoughts and feelings in prose, poetry, art and photographs.