Will Harrison

Nottingham, Nottinghamshire

Writer Biography

I have been writing from a very young age. I have always felt my speech to be very unnatural. A better way of expressing what I am trying to say, is that my speech is something which constantly nags at my consciousness, something which is a burden, something which I’m not aware other people feel so pressed by. It is because of the pressures of dialogue that I needed a way to express myself, a way which is (regrettably, for the most part) hugely verbose because I am mesmerised by the entire spectrum of understanding which even a single unit of lexicon can flare.

In the past I have attended Derby University, studying English at BA level. Although I enjoyed analysing texts and reading wide areas of literature my real passion of personal exuberance met through literature and the slightly-moving anchor of etymology remained without ignition.

My writing is nearly always abstract because I have absolutely no interest in literal understanding. There is no literal understanding. Everything once open to interpretation is thrust upon a lateral scale defying binary metre’s of measure.