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Regular, fun writing groups for writers under the age of 18!


 Looking to develop your writing skills and confidence in a creative and friendly group, with tutoring and feedback from a professional writer?

Writing East Midlands supports a network of creative writing groups for young writers across the region, and all are open to new members. The groups have wide-ranging interests from playwriting to poetry, fiction and journalism so they provide plenty of opportunities for trying something new and sometimes even lead to performance and showcasing opportunities. On occasion, the groups get together for inspiring research trips and writing activities.

Register now for groups meeting in Ashbourne (10-16 yr olds), Clay Cross (9-14 yr olds), Leicester (14-17yr olds), Nottingham (11-14yr olds) and Lincoln (11-14yr olds). Leicester and Lincoln groups will start meeting again in early 2017 – register now to receive further information.

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Here’s what young people say about the groups:

 “I now have more confidence and ideas for my writing. I have learnt to enjoy writing more.”

“I like sharing ideas with others who are also enthusiastic about writing.”

“I enjoy the freedom to write around others who also enjoy it.”

“I love having quiet time to write – something that I don’t really get at home.”

“When I am writing I feel like all of the background noise is replaced by my own thoughts.”  

“Making great friends whilst sharing great ideas”


 About Time

(a collaborative poem written by Ashbourne Young Writers, inspired by Andrew Telford’s poem Six Ways to Look at a Very Hungry Caterpillar)

 It’s when something wonderful happens

Unexpectedly or when you just don’t understand.

It is in the spaces in the wall that we can see through,

The colour of things that grown in fields.

It is edible, enjoyed by people with a sweet tooth,

It is lips touching.

It’s wanting everything but not wanting to share

And not knowing what to do; feeling uncomfortable,

A feeling of embarrassment that triggers a silence

Impossible to fill.

It’s wanting something good to happen

All that’s left after a fire, all that’s left of a life.


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